I call them mini face lifts – when my clients want to freshen up their space without donating their organs for extra cash. Mini doesn’t cost as much as a full transformation and can start the process for the long run. I mean lets be real, the majority of us can’t afford to redesign our entire home at the drop of a hat. So what does this mini face lift entail? Depending on your budget there’s one of two ways to go about it. The less expensive option would be to paint. Sure, it will still cost a few hundred bucks but it’s a great start that can have a big impact. For those who have timeless, neutral pieces it might be all you need. I have lots of clients that call us for a colour consultation. It doesn’t break the bank and having a professional create a colour scheme can updated your home for years to come.

The second option if it fits the budget, is to invest in furniture pieces. Perhaps those hand-me-downs are on the end of their life expectancy. If we are at that point, I will tell you not to feel guilty about indulging in a new sofa, table or whatever else should be taking its place at your curb for pickup. (Tip: Inquire about your yearly free big item garbage pickup with the city or I have a friendly contact that will haul away everything – his prices are very fair.) We love helping our clients pick new pieces for their home but what’s most important when we meet with you, is we listen and ask. Ask questions like what is your budget? How is the furniture being used? Are we looking for pieces that will withstand trends for awhile or are you looking for that trendy colour of the year to create a “pop” in your space, and every time anyone comes over they wish they were as brave as you to purchase that bold coloured chair!

So, is it time to liven up your space? We’d love you hear from you and help!